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Geotherm Heating
and Gas Furnaces


As a licensed Lennox Dealer we are able to install the highest quality, most efficient furnaces and filtration equipment available on the market today. The new Lennox G71P furnace is light years ahead of the competition. This furnace can anticipate the amount of heat required, then ramp the gas valve up to meet the need, using just the right amount of gas to heat the building. The super quiet variable speed blower will also save energy as it uses as much as $140 less electricity per year than an old conventional furnace blower

If you are interested in embarrassingly low heating bills and supporting Green Technology, we can install GeoComfort, Econar and HydroDelta Geotherm Heat Pumps. Depending on the heat loss of the building a Geotherm Heat Pump can be as economical as $400 a year to operate.

A Geotherm Heat Pump can be used as a Forced Air Heating System, a Hydronic (Hot Water) Heating System or a combination of both. For example, we can design a system using a Geotherm Heat Pump that gives you infloor heating, a towel warmer, and a forced air system so that you can take advantage of the air-conditioning feature that comes as bonus with every Geotherm Heat Pump.

Another big energy saver that is often over looked is the Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV). The building code requires that you install either bathroom exhaust fans or an HRV. Exhaust fans blow warm air straight outside and cold replacement air leaks in through cracks around windows and doors creating drafts that will make you feel cold and causing the thermostat to be set higher than required.

The HRV exhausts the stale air and brings in the required amount of fresh air to balance the living space. As the stale air is exhausted it passes through a heat exchanger, which transfers the heat to the incoming fresh air. The fresh air is then distributed through the ducting system eliminating any cold drafts.

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