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Residential and Commercial building owners may not realize how much a new, energy-efficient furnace could impact yearly heating bills. Innovations in technology have meant new gas furnaces are up to 95 percent efficient, compared to an average 50 – 70 percent efficiency rate for most furnaces manufactured over 25 years ago.

In the good old days there wasn’t any heat loss calculation done to match the furnace to the building. The standard practise was to guess at the furnace size and then double it to make sure that it would heat the building. This resulted in grossly over sized furnaces – kind of like using a five-tonne truck to run to the corner store for milk: it gets you there, but man does it burn fuel.

We have found this problem is even more exaggerated with boilers and hot water heating. It seems that a lot of the old Hydronic guys wanted be absolutely sure the boiler would heat the building so they would install a boiler that could be as much as ten times more than required.

As one of BC's highest qualified Contractors for design and installation of green and energy-efficient heating equipment and ductwork systems, we complete a detailed room-by-room heat loss calculation for every furnace and boiler that we install whether it’s for new construction or when renovating existing systems. We also complete an accurate ductwork and piping design to ensure that the right amount of heat is distributed to where it’s needed in the building.



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